BetterPT Offers Health Care Options

BetterPT, a healthcare technology platform company providing end-to-end digital connectivity between physical therapists (PT), patients, and physicians, and BlueJay Mobile Health, a full-service mobile technology company transforming healthcare delivery and care team coordination through AI-powered telehealth, announced a partnership to bridge patients, PTs and healthcare providers through the full continuum of care. Through this collaboration, BetterPT connects patients with the right clinics via its streamlined point of entry, and BlueJay Mobile Health facilitates online patient engagement and care.

The partnership enables patients needing physical therapy to quickly access care through BetterPT’s platform and healthcare providers to provide better care through BlueJay’s AI-powered patient engagement. With BetterPT’s interoperable application, patients can find clinics in their local area that best fit their needs, accept their insurance and immediately request an appointment, all with a few clicks. BetterPT’s inbound patient management (IPM) solution offers operational efficiencies to clinics, helping to cut down administrative burden and paperwork. BlueJay Mobile Health’s comprehensive technology facilitates online patient and provider engagement, including PT assessments, treatment programs, and outcomes tracking, as well as interdisciplinary coordination to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.