How to Lose Weight Fast And Safe: The 4 Steps to Perfect Weight

The way to a perfect body is not an easy one, but we surely all know it.  You need to reduce the calories you intake, and you need to be more physically active in order to lose some weight.

On the other hand, weight loss plans and various quick diets provide only temporary effects or fail to provide any.

Therefore, today, we will give you some really useful suggestions in order to help you lose excess weight quickly and easily. So, these are the 4 steps you need to follow in order to lose extra pounds:

Step 1 – Avoid Sugars and Carbs

The excessive consumption of carbs and sugars is the major cause of weight gain.

You do not need to eliminate them completely from your diet, but you need to reduce them considerably in the process of weight loss. At the beginning, you may not notice some big results, but after a month, you will have lost a lot of excess weight.

Namely, the consumption of sugar and carbs stimulates the secretion of insulin, which is responsible for the fat storage in the body, and in the case of high insulin levels, it won’t be able to burn the excess fat.

Hence, when you lower the insulin levels, your body will have to use the fats instead of the carbs and sugars. Moreover, your kidneys will get rid of the excess water and sodium, and you will thus reduce the water weight, as well as your stomach bloating.

Furthermore, it has been shown that if you eliminate the water weight, you can lose up to a pound and a half every day.

Step 2 – Consume Proteins

If you need to lose weight, you need to consume proteins, as much as possible. This means that they should be your main meal of the day. Also, your meals should consist of low- carb vegetables, a healthy- fat source and a high protein source.

Apart from meat, you can also consume other beneficial protein foods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, legumes, and numerous others.

When it comes to healthy fats, you can consume butter, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

Regarding low carbs vegetables, you should consume lettuce, celery, kale, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and cabbage.

Step 3 –Cardio training

When you are trying to lose weight, the best physical activity you can take up are cardio exercises, as it burns most calories, and this is your primary aim. On the other hand, light weight-lifting will also provide results, but it focuses on toning and formation of muscle mass.

For best results, you can combine your cardio workout with resistance training. The best cardio exercises include swimming, walking, running, cycling and climbing.

Step 4 – Interval training

After some time, you need to go to the next level, and it is interval training. Interval training is even better than cardio in the process of weight loss. This training combines low and high- intensity exercises.

For instance, you are running a sprint for three minutes at maximum speed. Then, you run at a slower pace for another 3 minutes ( “active recovery”). This training can be applied to all kinds of cardio exercises.

Additional Tips for Utmost Efficiency

If you follow our suggestions, you will successfully reach your aim in 4 or 5 months, but you need to determine your goals, and they need to be realistic. Thus, if you want to lose 20 pounds in a month, although it is not recommended as it may harm your health, you should follow some more extreme and strict rules.

In addition, we will provide a few tips more in order to help you lose weight in a quick, simple and healthy way:

Hydration is essential for a healthy weight loss. Therefore, you need to drink sufficient amounts of water. Also, it is very useful to consume a glass of water before meals, in order to eat less and feel full longer.

Note that you need to rest your muscles in order to avoid straining. That is, when you exercise, you need to rest at least 24 hours before you start working again on a muscle group.

Furthermore, you should also have your 7-8 hour night sleep, and proper rest and sleep.

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